"I think what a review should do above all, whether the reviewer likes the book or not, is to give some flavor of the book--not just a plot summary, but a suggestion of its essence... If you want to see a good example, look no further than Kevin Burton Smith's reviews... in Mystery Scene. And it's a nice bonus when the reviewer can turn a phrase the way he does. Too many fan reviewers just don't take the time to polish what they produce."
Enid Schantz
Rue Morgue

Just as I owe a huge chunk of gratitude to David Firks of Blue Murder for his early support of my work, I have to tip my fedora to J. Kingston Pierce, the Crime Fiction editor of January Magazine, the on-line literary magazine, for his early encouragement. He originally invited me to contribute an essay on Ross Macdonald, but he soon had conned me into writing book reviews. A tireless editor, he helped me to become the writer I am. So, it's his fault...
Wanna get your book reviewed? Of course, there are no promises, but if you want to send me a review copy of your upcoming masterpiece, my snail mail address is:
Kevin Burton Smith
The Thrilling Detective Web Site
3053 Rancho Vista Blvd., Apt. 116,
Palmdale, California
Other questions? Feel free to contact me via e-mail.

In reverse chrological order, this list covers book and film reviews.

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